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"Crystal's story has given me the push I need in life.  Seeing the sacrifices made in order for her to accomplish goals has inspired me to do the same." Ashley Jackson (Texas State University, San Marcos TX)

We Provide Options For You:


These are programs that Crystal is regularly contracted to deliver.  Depending upon your needs, these services can be tailored to suit your intentions while maintaining the integrity of the program. Many organizations really appreciate that Crystal can and will do multiple sessions of different programming within a concentrated amount of time. 

  • For example, in one day, Crystal can present two “Quitting is Not an Option” assemblies for students, facilitate a “Leadership Olympics” workshop as a follow-up for a specific group, and close the day with a community night presentation on a “Spectrum of Violence or Virtue” for parents/guardians and families. 
  • More long term comprehensive programming of these topics is dependent upon your intentions and resources.

 Flexibility is an essential element of all Crystal’s work, contact us for details.

Where Crystal Speaks:

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Assemblies
  • Teen Leadership Keynote Addresses
  • Conference Keynote Addresses and Workshop Sessions
  • Teen Summits
  • Communities looking for a teen speaker

Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership Development
  • Dealing with Obstacles
  • Character Development
  • Health and Fitness for Students
  • Decision Making
  • STEM
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Respect

 Student Program Overview:

All the workshops below can be customized to fit your theme and your organizations goals.


Developing and Leveraging Your Personal “No Quit Zone Leadership Blueprint”

When you look at your hand you will see that each person on each has a unique thumb print that only identifies them.  The same with the heart…there are no two heart beats the same.  Each leader has their own distinct style, blueprint and way of handling situations, working with their teams, communicating their ideas, and how they creatively come up with new structures, decisions, and policies.   However, the challenge is that many leaders don’t really know how to best leverage their style and how to identify what blueprint they are displaying. By learning these very important traits it will propel you to success in your school, career, and home, in addition to any endeavor you pursue


This workshop will show students how to:

  • Leverage their leadership style
  • Create and Fully develop their No Quit Zone Leadership Blueprint
  • Identify leadership styles and the characteristics associated with them(this is not the typical leadership style test and methods!)



Quitting is Not an Option

Many students are dropping out, leaving student leadership positions when tasks are hard, choosing to quit instead of working through situations or simply unplugging from pursing their goals. It has become easy to "Quit". This presentation is about educating students on how to deal with situations they face as students, versus quitting and giving up.


The presentation will teach students how to identify triggers that allow them to want to quit, embrace change in both good/bad situations, build strong character, and turn "I want to quit" moments into life changing successful moments.  Becoming pregnant at the age of 15 defined a life changing moment for Crystal as she made a pact with herself that quitting was no longer an option. Goals that she set out to accomplish became a reality time and time again. 

 In this presentation, Crystal shows students exactly:

  • How to deal with obstacles as students such as balancing  student leadership roles/academics
  • How to identify "I want to quit" trigger moments, and how  to reverse them into "I refuse to quit" moments
  • How to handle daily pressures that can hinder student  growth
  • How to identify hidden strengths after overcoming an "I  want to quit" moment

 Pick Your Path

While on the self defining mission of becoming who we are created to be and "NOT QUITTING" when faced with difficult situations, there will be moments when we all must "QUIT" certain people and things. This  presentation is all about "quitting" old baggage, toxic relationships, and the pursuit of dead end tasks in an effort to create more balance in your life and gain strength for the task where "Quitting is not an Option."


In the NO QUIT  ZONE we believe that "Quitting is NOT an option."However, there is another side to that statement. Some of the most  successful and well balanced people have quit various things in their lives to  accomplish goals. Individuals who have the ability to escape dead ends quickly while staying focused and motivated achieve great things apart from  others.


In this presentation, Crystal :

  • Shows students how quitting can bring about more balance  personally
  • Helps students recognize behaviors and relationships in their lives that can and will create obstacles
  • Helps students recognize the effects that not quitting may have on their emotional and physical health

 "I Am Beautiful".. Finding the Princess Within

 In society today, young ladies struggle with the constant  impact of what society calls beautiful. Images, perceptions, and comparisons are visible daily through magazines, social media, reality television, friends and other influences. This presentation is designed to educate young ladies on the importance of self love and inner confidence which will aide in making sound personal decisions. It all starts with self. Self acceptance and inner peace  will be displayed in outer appearance (i.e. attire, communication, hygiene  etc...) and self confidence.

This topic is very relevant as more issues regarding self-image/awareness are rising. However, the problem is more than skin deep as young ladies struggle to accept themselves as they are.


In this presentation, Crystal :

  • Shows young ladies how to Identify triggers when dealing with self-image/awareness issues
  • Shows young ladies ways to proactively address self-image issues
  • Incorporates a Q&A  session

P.O.W.E.R of Choices







This engaging interactive workshop mixed with theatrical live skits and student involvement will focus on helping students learn how to effectively create a Plan with a purpose, Overcome obstacles in an effort to successfully execute their plan, Work smarter by tapping into the resources around them, Excel as leaders, and Rejoice through the process. We will focus on demonstrating real life scenarios that students are facing on college campuses through our fun interactive P.O.W.E.R strategy workshop.



Yes I can and I shall...

WHAT IF student leaders shifted their mindset. WHAT IF, student leaders held themselves accountable for staying the course and reaching their goals. WHAT IF, student leaders shifted their mindset to "yes I can, and I shall".. Yes I can and I shall overcome obstacles. Yes I can and I shall reach my goals. Yes I can and I shall reach my full potential.


This workshop showcases skills, tools, and wisdom in a powerful, candid, and interactive exchange that highlights the necessity of personal accountability. We provide tools to help students influence, inspire, and empower themselves. Students will be challenged to go below the surface and evaluate behaviors that hinder their personal growth and transform those behaviors using strategies that enables exceptional leaders to transcend the matrix of mediocrity.

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Tool Kit for Success

Student Leadership Tips and Tools for Success

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P.O.W.E.R of Choices Tour

This engaging interactive workshop mixed with theatrical live skits and student involvement will focus on helping students learn how to effectively Plan, Overcome, Work, Excel, and Rejoice.

We will focus on demonstrating real life scenarios that students are facing on high school and college campuses through our fun interactive P.O.W.E.R strategy workshop.

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S.T.E.M Experiment

In the NO QUIT ZONE we are on a mission to find  "future" Scientist, Technologist, Engineers and Mathematicians through the STEM Experiment.

Our goal is to bring our future STEM leaders from the background into the forefront using fun interactive team projects that will allow the  students to build or enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

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Press Kit

Here you will find Crystal's demo video, promotional brochure, biography, introduction and a list of places where she has spoken.

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Selecting a speaker can raise many questions because you want to ensure that you are providing the best options for your students.

Crystal listed all the questions that are typically asked when meeting planners want to book her for their event.

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