We have limited funds, we want your services, what can we do?

  •  If you are open to being creative and collaborating with other agencies or institutions, we usually can discover a way to make things work.  Contact us with ideas.


What makes Crystal different from other speakers or trainers/facilitators?

  • Crystal is powerful and offers potent information and experiences. Crystal is proficient as a speaker, trainer, organizer, and effective with any population.


 How do I book a date?

  •  You can go online and complete the Contact Form or contact our office at 469-298-9357. One of our staff members will go over what you are looking for in terms of presentation.  Prior to calling it is helpful if you have as much detail as possible about your event. Once all the details of the event have been agreed upon by both parties, we will send you a contract for the speaking engagement.
  • You have approximately two weeks to sign the contract and return it to us. If you have college or university contracts or riders that you need us to sign, that is no problem. We are known to have a very simple and upfront process.


Do we need to make travel arrangements (airline or hotel reservations) for the speaker?

  •  Normally you do not. Crystal finds that it is easier to make her own travel and
    hotel arrangements, so that it takes that burden off of you.
  • Often times high school and college coordinators have arranged for us to stay in housing on campus or we find inexpensive hotel accommodations near campus. Again, we strive to make this process seamless.


What will you send us to help promote the speaker once we've booked?

  • We are happy provide you with any promotional materials you need.


Why do you quote all-inclusive prices?

  • It is a lot easier for all parties. You will never have to worry about hidden fees or any surprises. Once we agree on a date, time and topic(s), we will quote you the all-inclusive price and place that in the contract.

How do we sustain your message when you leave?

  • Crystal is willing to plan ways to sustain and has gathered a great deal of learning on what has been successful for others.  A more comprehensive approach to any programming is always available, contact us for details.


What inspired you to do this kind of work?

  • Crystal's personal choices(becoming a teen mother) landed her in a very difficult situation as a sophomore in High School.  However, she decided that "QUITTING" would never be an option and set out to be the best that she could be not only for herself, but her child as well.  She believes all individuals have the power to choose success over circumstances and she uses her life lessons and tools to inspire others to be all they can be.

Do you really feel that this makes a difference?

  • Many people who were students and participants in Crystal’s work are now collaborators and change agents themselves.  Her message has inspired students to develop new ways to cope with stress, re-engage back into their academics, help them to focus on building a healthy self image, and how to recognize those triggers that causes them to want to quit. She always says, “quitting is never an option.”  She is making a difference and challenges others to do so.


What motivates Crystal to keep going?

  • Her loving relationship with God, her family, and humanity. 

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Tool Kit for Success

Student Leadership Tips and Tools for Success

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P.O.W.E.R of Choices Tour

This engaging interactive workshop mixed with theatrical live skits and student involvement will focus on helping students learn how to effectively Plan, Overcome, Work, Excel, and Rejoice.

We will focus on demonstrating real life scenarios that students are facing on high school and college campuses through our fun interactive P.O.W.E.R strategy workshop.

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S.T.E.M Experiment

In the NO QUIT ZONE we are on a mission to find  "future" Scientist, Technologist, Engineers and Mathematicians through the STEM Experiment.

Our goal is to bring our future STEM leaders from the background into the forefront using fun interactive team projects that will allow the  students to build or enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

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Press Kit

Here you will find Crystal's demo video, promotional brochure, biography, introduction and a list of places where she has spoken.

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Selecting a speaker can raise many questions because you want to ensure that you are providing the best options for your students.

Crystal listed all the questions that are typically asked when meeting planners want to book her for their event.

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