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" Thank you so much for your "POWER" presentation at the Shenandoah Region FBLA conference.  This reinforces what we teach in our Business and IT classesand hopefully will be an additional motivation for our students" - Tammy Bullock, FBLA Adviser


 "It was great to have you with us and I appreciate your message you shared!" - Donelle Johnson, Nebraska FFA State Adviser


"Thank you so much for speaking at our Convention! Your story is so inspiring and your passion for women in STEM is infectious.  Also we greatly appreciate you coming to speak to us on your birthday.  We appreciate you sharing your special day with us!" - The International Executive Board of Alpha Omega Epsilon (Women Engineering Sorority)


"Crystal gave the children a sense of "anything is possible", her story made math come alive in their minds.  The students were very attentive to her remarkable, exciting, and uplifting story.  Her children's book will definitely encourage the children to take math more serious and enjoy learning." - Carolyn Sanders (Advocacy Leader)


Crystal, we enjoyed you! Your energy is contagious! Keep up the great work with "The No Quit Zone" -Alma Garcia, Executive Director Dream Angels Inc


"Crystal's message was a message of perseverance. The message to the students was "DO NOT QUIT" when facing difficulty and if you persevere through obstacles learning takes place."

Anyai Cooper(2011 Teacher of the Year at Benjamin Franklin Science Academy)


Thank You for speaking to the young ladies at Dream Angels Inc. yesterday.  I was thinking about when we were standing outside after the program ended and I watched the girls who smiled and waved their good-byes to you as they left.  You connected with them and gave them permission to succeed (in STEM & in life) on a different level.  Keep up the good work! - Coretta Turner (Founder of 3D Discovery)


"I had an opportunity to attend an AWESOME presentation given by Ms. Jackson to a student body of 400. What an eye opening experience for the students, as she opened their minds to a new world of opportunities in the area of Engineering...and to observe the students being fully engaged..Great Job!" -  Edwyna W. Walker (Former 8th grade Principal)

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"One thing that makes me feel fulfilled is when I speak and students "get it".  The most amazing moments are when their eyes are glazed over and I can see they are engaged and hearing the message I am delivering. However, the  highlight  is when they contact me after an event to share what an impact the "No Quit Zone" message had on them.  That is what drives and encourages me to reach as many students as I can." Crystal L Jackson

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Tool Kit for Success

Student Leadership Tips and Tools for Success

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P.O.W.E.R of Choices Tour

This engaging interactive workshop mixed with theatrical live skits and student involvement will focus on helping students learn how to effectively Plan, Overcome, Work, Excel, and Rejoice.

We will focus on demonstrating real life scenarios that students are facing on high school and college campuses through our fun interactive P.O.W.E.R strategy workshop.

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S.T.E.M Experiment

In the NO QUIT ZONE we are on a mission to find  "future" Scientist, Technologist, Engineers and Mathematicians through the STEM Experiment.

Our goal is to bring our future STEM leaders from the background into the forefront using fun interactive team projects that will allow the  students to build or enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

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Press Kit

Here you will find Crystal's demo video, promotional brochure, biography, introduction and a list of places where she has spoken.

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Selecting a speaker can raise many questions because you want to ensure that you are providing the best options for your students.

Crystal listed all the questions that are typically asked when meeting planners want to book her for their event.

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